Our third Man of the Month is Souji Okita, featured in the publication Tumbling Pebbles. We are also happy to announce the launch of our Hakuoki website! Please visit it at hakuoki.com. Wallpapers will be updated each week until they are all released and stay tuned for more goodies yet to be announced.

Thought this was a game for teen girls? Well, those rumors you heard about Hakuoki being “M”-rated are true. Hakuoki is rated Mature, for Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Violence. Emphasis on the blood and strong language! From the ESRB: “Some still-frame cutscenes depict violent acts: a woman getting bit on the neck; characters getting attacked with swords. These scenes are sometimes accompanied by cries of pain and flesh-impact sounds … Characters are sometimes depicted with large blood stains on their bodies and/or clothing … The words “f**k” and “sh*t” appear in dialogue.” Whoa!

(Read more in Siliconera’s article “Why Is Hakuoki: Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom Rated M?”)

Each month we’ll be introducing you to one of six sexy male characters, all of whom are romanceable. Click the following link to view the article in a larger size:

Issue #3: Tumbling Pebbles, featuring Souji Okita