The January Man of the Month is Hajime Saito, featured in The Kyoto Shushin in the article “A Blade in the Dark.” There’s only one month left to pre-order Hakuoki before it ships out on Valentine’s Day!

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If you haven’t yet, check out Hakuoki in EGM’s feature “5 Ways Japanese Gaming Still Rules.”

“As an otome game, Hakuoki helps give women a place in the industry that is all too often not afforded them,” says Ben Bateman, the game’s lead editor at Aksys Games. “This isn’t to say that Hakuoki is a girls-only club. Nor is it saying that women have no interest in more ‘traditional’ games, or that the only way to interest women in video games is to make games about dating. The point here is two-fold: The protagonist is a woman, and she is not presented as a sex object for men to fawn over.”

EGM Feature: 5 Ways Japanese Gaming Still Rules

Each month we have introduced you to five sexy male characters, all of whom are romanceable. We’ll reveal the last one on Valentine’s Day! Click the following link to view the image in a larger size:

Issue #5: The Kyoto Shushin, featuring Hajime Saito