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Aksys Games is at PAX East this year at booth 1149! For a quick look at what we’ll be showing off this year, hit the jump.

We’ll be showing a new build of BIT.TRIP Runner2. If you want in on the newest version of the rhythm alien platformer, make sure to stop by.

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Curious to try out the new 3D puzzle platformer for the Nintendo 3DS? Shifting World will be on display at our booth as well. Be advised, long term exposure to this game can cause major paradigm shifts in your perception of 2D reality.

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We’ll also be throwing daily BlazBlue tournaments at 2PM. Each tournament we’ll be giving away 1 Mini Jubei plushie to the winner and 1 to a random entrant, so free up some time to enter!

Once again, that’s booth number 1149. Hope to see you guys!