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INOCULATION PROGRAM EXTENDED: Officials Will Produce Another Limited Batch

“VLR” infection spreads quickly, prompting officials to produce more inoculation devices


IDO Quarantine Zone Tau, Los Angeles, CA — Despite the best efforts of our analysts and scientists to track and contain the infection known as “VLR,” the virus has spread quicker than anticipated.  Cases have been reported throughout the continental United States, and government officials have called this “an epidemic of mass proportions that could reach ‘bubonic plague’ levels.”

Currently, supplies from the initial opt-in inoculation program have been completely depleted.  We have determined that we will be able to produce another very limited supply of inoculation devices which will be made available sometime Friday, September 28, 2012.  Due to the high demand for these devices, we must warn all citizens to avoid auction sites or black market operators, so as to ensure effective treatment against “VLR.”  We also ask that those seeking these devices review the following:

Pre-order bonuses will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you ordered a pre-order bundle prior to the “first wave”:

Those who have pre-ordered prior to “first wave” of pre-order bonuses will still receive the bundle. This means that if you placed your pre-order prior to September 17th, 2012, you will receive the watch. Do not cancel and re-order.

For those who pre-ordered a “standard edition” after the “first wave” sold out:

This pre-order bonus offer is not retroactive.  Purchasers must cancel their “standard edition” order and pre-order the “pre-order bonus bundle” when it becomes available on September 28, 2012.

*For further inquiries, please refer to Amazon.com or speak with an Amazon representative.