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Aksys Games proudly announces the second of three contests commemorating the U.S. debut of BlazBlue, “Caption the Blue!” Contest.

Are you a clever BlazBlue fan? Is your mind in tune with the BlazBlue universe? Do you spend every waking moment fawning over Jin Kisaragi? If you happen to fit into one or all of these categories, you’ve got a chance to win a rare BlazBlue Jin Kisaragi “Dakimakura” pillow cover! Hit the jump for more info!

Submit one set of captions that matches the contest image above (via an edited image or just text) to contests@aksysgames.com and one Aksys’ highly skilled BlazBlue staff will choose one clever participant from all of the qualified entries to win the prize!

Download the Caption the Blue! application form for details on how to enter!

And check out a sample shot of the prize below!

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