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It’s been two weeks since we released Muramasa Rebirth and we’re still going strong!  Reviews have been coming in and we’re happy with what we see!  We’ve compiled just some of the reviews we’ve seen. Share and let everyone know what a great game this is!  Stay tuned for even more reviews!

“Muramasa Rebirth is hands-down PlayStation Vita’s prettiest game.” – IGN.com

“Muramasa Rebirth Brawler and RPG Meet in Harmonious Matrimony” – Siliconera

Muramasa at its core stands on its own as a solid action game. – Destructoid

The game – which most agree was already gorgeous to begin with – struts its stuff over to the Vita with enhanced visuals and a more accurate and thorough English translation.” – Dual Shockers

“…melds old-school action sensibilities with more modern complexities and a storyline that manages to feel notably mature.” – Cheat Code Central


Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector’s Edition Unboxing: