After a great deal of deliberation and a lot of lunchtime reading, we are proud to announce the winner of the Zero Escape Facebook contest! For those not in the know, the object of the contest was to take the role of Zero and create a suitably “enjoyable” Nonary Game. And the prize? Just a few bits and bobs and a postcard with some writing on it; nothing too earth-shattering.


Anyway, please put your hands together for the winner:


Below is her winning entry. I will post a few of the other final candidates next week, but for now the spotlight belongs to Chelsea.

Hello, dear subjects!

I am known as Zero IV, and you all are my helpful test subjects. In what, you might ask?

Why—the Nonary game! Morphogenetic field edition!!

Oh aren’t you so terribly lucky? Yes you are!

I’ve split you up into two teams of nine, and you both will be completing the very same Nonary game! Your aim is to find and unlock the number 9 door at the end of the game! Now, I hear you in the back asking–‘but how will we complete the same Nonary game? I only see /one/ team of nine, kind and merciful Zero IV!’. And I would tell you in the back to pipe down and listen instead of asking idiotic questions.

The other team is………….Drum roll—


Yes, lovely competitors, your greatest enemy is yourself–in another timeline!

I, the kind and merciful Zero IV, cannot possibly hope to run a game of this grandeur by myself, oh dear no. That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of my alternate universe self. Through telecommunications and blah, blah, boring technical mumbo jumbo that none of you are advanced enough to understand—I have this little lovely device that allows me to communicate with the other myself.

Thus, we can monitor both of our teams in real time! Isn’t that great!

And how, dear Zero, asks the troublesome one in the back, does our other universe self affect us?

Oh we will get to that I /promise/.

You will be able to access the morphogenetic field yourselves, of course. Communicate with your alternate universe self as much as you like! Did you ever want an alternate universe self to help you cheat on exams when you were younger by taking the answers they’d already come up with? Now you can do that! With no penalty! Isn’t that cool?!

Buuuuuuuuuuut beeeee careful! If a team in Universe A manages to clear a room before it’s been entered in Univers B, the door will close foreeeever in the Universe B, and you’ll have to find a new way around it! That’s kind of scary, right? (What if you get locked out of an entire set of rooms? What if not everyone can enter through the next set of doors?! WHAT IF NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE MAKE IT TO THE END TO OPEN THE NUMBER NINE DOOR?! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that would be so bad!! Better hurry up everyone! Time is NOT on your side!)

Now, for the question on all of your minds–

What is the Nonary game, you ask? How does it work?

The Nonary game is a game based around nona, or nine. The watch on your pretty little wrists shows your astrological star sign–this first round is the /sun/ round. At least, it is in this universe. Perhaps Universe B is different! (Spoiler, it is)

Each star sign has a number assigned, starting with our early borns, the Aries. You little Aries are number one, all the way to Sagittarius at 9.

Oh, but Zero, you, the annoying pest, cries–I am an ugly little Capricorn! If this is the Nonary game, what number am I?

Take a look at your digital root you precious little gnat–you’re number 10 in line, thus, you are now a number 1.

Now, as you may know, you have more signs than your sun sign–you also have a moon sign, a rising sign, and so on, and they’re all soooo very different!

You, the Sagittarius, might be a Sagittarius in the sun round–but in the moon round, you’ll be a little Leo.

You’ll take these numbers given to you, and use them to open the numbered doors using the combined digital roots. Sound familiar? Probably not, but it does to me!

OH BUT THERE’S A CATCH! This is an all or none compatibility game! Compatible signs MUST team up with a compatible sign, who may bring a compatible sign of their own into the mix!

Ooooor you can choose a completely /in/compatible sign, who then must bring their own incompatible sign, who may bring ANOTHER incompatible sign. AND THE NUMBERS MUST STILL MATCH UP TO THE NUMBERED DOOR, WITHOUT ASTROLOGICAL SIGN REPEATS! Lovely, right?

SOOOOO you may not be able to enter a door if your sign just haaaaappens to not meet the requirements, especially considering not /every/ player is guaranteed to live or progress through the round—what then?

I might allow some degree of cheating–but entering a door you don’t fit the requirements for is a HUGE no-no!!

If I catch anyone doing that—their watch will administer a very painful electric shock, and their heart will stop!

In /both/ universes!!!

I like to curtail cheating–once a cheater, always a cheater, right? Sooooo you might mess everything up for your alternate self–or they might mess it up for you! Can you imagine, just minding your own business–and suddenly—BZZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!

(But Zero, you ask—what if some unkind and cruel souls find this little Sagittarius and their wonderful number 9 in this round a threat and proceed to push me in? That’s not my fault, right? No, too bad! It’s always your fault! You shouldn’t have been born a Sagittarius! And that, of course, means alternate you as well!)

Oh but I /am/ a very busy Zero, talking to my lovely alternate companion. I can’t /always/ be monitoring you all…..If you want to take a chance on my not monitoring you when you try to cheat your way through a door, go ahead….

It’s you, yourself, and you that is at stake………….

Ahhh, but you might die regardless through being locked out of all the doors, and then you’ll just starve to death–might as well take a chance, right? Just don’t hate yourself when you die because of your alternate self, alright?



How about we address the elephant in the room, hmmmm?

What happens…When someone passes through the number 9 door…..

Anyone with a 9 may pass! Are you a lucky, lucky little duck and you happen to be a Sagittarius when you find the door?

Oh goody, it’s time to pass through!

…..If you would like to doom everyone else, of course.

The number 9 door only opens /once/.

Once–that’s it.

In the universe of it’s opening, let’s say, Universe A. Universe A’s door opens, and then closes shut, never to open again. Everyone is trapped inside to starve and be sad. So sad….

Universe B?……Well. Wouldn’t want anyone to try and open the number 9 door while it’s still openable, right?

The whole place will explode!!

A big boom!

Everyone inside dead!

Soooo which will you be? The one who starves?…Or the one who explodes?

Or maybe you’ll be the winner….

That’s really up to the alternate versions of yourselves, and your own quick puzzle solving prowess, isn’t it?

Have fun—my loyal test subjects~


The kind, sweet, merciful, and elegant Zero IV


You want a hint of what’s up ahead?

Oh, fine, since I am the most merciful of all Zero’s….

Picture an artist loft with a side museum–An electronic lock next to the door, with a very large digital color by number picture!

This lock only opens if the correct colors are filled in on the correct numbers!

Around the room, you will find a multitude of puzzles designed to test your mind, and through them, you might just find the colors and numbers you seek….Find a number 8 in the red jar of paint? Oh, whatever could that mean? A museum with numbers hidden under the paint? Would you really destroy Starry Night to solve a puzzle?! You /fiend/!….Well, those are only examples, of course….

By the way–it’s not a children’s color by number, either…..I hope you like to think………….