Hey Escapers! I thought I’d take a moment to explain a function that will be in Zero Time Dilemma that I know some of you are wondering about.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that text boxes are gone from the story – or cinema in this game – sections. Instead, they are replaced with cutscenes with optional subtitles. The lines don’t type out; they appear in full exactly as subtitles do. I’ve seen the question, “Can we skip text?” floating around, and I’d like to confirm that yes, you can skip text. BUT there are important things you need to know about how it works.

Skipping previously “read” text is implemented automatically – like how it is in Virtue’s Last Reward – but now you can also turn on Skip Text for new lines as well. The little arrow you’ve seen in the bottom right of screenshots is the notification that skipping text is possible.

(To clarify, Skip Text is only for the cinema sections. The text in the Quest portions and the choices for the Decision Game require user input to progress.)

One caveat: Due to the nature of the story playing out in cutscenes instead of text boxes, the skip function is tied to camera movement instead of individual lines. So pressing the button to skip once will jump ahead to the next camera move, NOT NECESSARILY the next line. Skip Text will not make the subtitles appear faster as they are tied to the animation and voice.

We recommend not using Skip Text on new lines for a first playthrough as it is highly possible you will miss important information. Cinema scenes cannot rewind. All lines of dialog are recorded in the Log regardless so you will be able to go into the Log and read them again, but you may not experience them in real time. Previously read text can still be skipped even with Skip Text turned off.