Aksys Games is excited to announce that once again we’ll be sending two of America’s best Guilty Gear players to Japan to compete for fame, glory, and potential world domination at this year’s Toushinsai Fighting Game Tournament! This year the tournament is open to US passport holders AND US residents, so be sure you have your passports and other documents in order!

More details will be coming soon, but for now, get your passports ready and start putting in that lab time. Oh, and no need for teams; the GG tourney is singles.

What: Qualifiers for Toushinsai (闘神祭) 2016 Fighting Game Tournament in Japan .
Where: EVO 2016, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tournament Rules/Format: TBA
Who Can Enter: Valid US passport holders and US permanent residents. Those holding student/temporary visa are not eligible.

NOTE: Entrants are wholly responsible for any and all paperwork, including necessary visas. Aksys Games will not sponsor, pay for, or assist with the procurement of visas.

This year, you will only need to provide proof of application if you do not have a passport yet. HOWEVER, I strongly urge you to start applying now. AGAIN, no need to do expedited processing for your passport unless you drag your feet and wait until the last minute. More details coming soon, I promise.