Here are the final updates/rules/etc for the Toushinsai Qualifiers at EVO. Below are dates, qualifier format, representative selection, entry fees and eligibility requirements. The actual sign up times and tourney times are being hashed out now. I will update everyone ASAP.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

About Tounshinsai 2016
Toushinsai (闘神祭) is a multi-day, multi-game tournament being held October 16-17 at the Tokyo Fashion Town Building, TFT Hall 1000 in Tokyo, Japan. All games will be played on arcade hardware, meaning pad players will have to adapt to/learn how to use a stick if they wish to participate in the tournament.

Toushinsai 2016 Rules (Guilty Gear REVELATOR)
■ 1 on 1. Single Elimination
■ Best 2 out of 3
■ Game will be running in Event Mode: VS Mode, Arena Stage ONLY
■ All characters are legal
■ Switching Characters during a match is not allowed
■ 1p or 2p position will be determined via rock/paper/scissors before each match.
■ If an update to the game arrives before the tournament, be aware that balance changes that might affect your character may occur.

Representative Selection
We will be sending 2 players to Toushinsai to represent America! The players will be chosen as follows:
1) The highest-placing US resident in the Official EVO Guilty Gear Tournament.
2) The winner of the qualifying tournament being held at the Aksys Booth at EVO.

About the Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Singles Toushinsai Qualifier at EVO 2016
-Single Elimination
-Best 2/3
-128 Player Cap
-$10 Entry Fee
*Eclipse Colors are BANNED.
**Due to Toushinsai rules, no pads or Hitboxes are allowed. Only arcade sticks may be used for the qualifier. Also, converters are not allowed.
***Sign-up information will come after the EVO tournament schedule has been announced.

Eligibility Requirements
Valid US passport holders and US permanent residents. Those holding student/temporary visa are not eligible. You MUST have your passport no later than September 9th, 2016! If you do not have a valid passport by this time, YOU WILL FORFEIT THE TRAVEL PORTION OF THE PRIZE AND WILL NOT BE SENT TO JAPAN!

Also, if you do not meet eligibility requirements, you will be disqualified and forfeit any travel prizes, pot bonuses, etc.

NOTE: Entrants are wholly responsible for any and all paperwork and permissions, including necessary visas, required to travel abroad. For US Residents, Aksys Games will not sponsor, pay for, or assist with the procurement of visas. For permanent residents, you MUST provide your registration card or similar proof of residency.

A Word about Pad Players in the Main Tournament:
Many of you asked about what would happen if a pad player was the highest placing North American in the main Evo tournament. This is what we were told by the powers that be (NOTE: I’m paraphrasing, but it’s pretty much the gist):

Should a pad player be the highest placing North American in the main EVO tournament, they are welcome to either acclimate to playing on arcade hardware or pass on their spot to the highest placing stick player.

So there you have it.

Still waiting on a few things, but the important stuff is covered above. Follow @AllAksys for the latest updates!