What follows are the final rules regarding the Toushinsai Qualifiers being held at the Aksys Games Booth at EVO 2016, including tournament rules, eligibility requirements, and sign up time/place/cost. For more information regarding Toushinsai 2016, EVO main tournament qualification, and what happens to pad players, please goes here:
Toushinsai 2016 General Overview

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING! Unless there is a compelling reason to change things, what is written here is the final word.

Eligibility Requirements
All entrants MUST either be Valid US passport holders or US permanent residents. Those holding student/temporary visa are not eligible. You MUST have your passport no later than September 9th, 2016! If you do not have a valid passport by this time, YOU WILL FORFEIT THE TRAVEL PORTION OF THE PRIZE AND WILL NOT BE SENT TO JAPAN!

For US permanent residents: please have proof of residency when you enter the tournament. I’ll kind of being working on the honor system for this, but if you cannot provide proper documentation by September 9th, YOU WILL FORFEIT THE TRAVEL PORTION OF THE PRIZE AND WILL NOT BE SENT TO JAPAN!

NOTE: Entrants are wholly responsible for any and all paperwork and permissions, including necessary visas, required to travel abroad. For US Residents, Aksys Games will not sponsor, pay for, or assist with the procurement of visas. Also, if you have any passport issues, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY!

About the Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Singles Toushinsai Qualifier at EVO 2016

The qualifier tournament will be Saturday, July 16th and will start at 9am PDT. Notice that this time may be subject to change, but this is the time you should plan around.
• Single Elimination
• Best 2/3
• 128 Player Cap
• $10 Entry Fee

*Eclipse Colors are BANNED.
**Due to Toushinsai rules, no pads or Hitboxes are allowed. Only arcade sticks may be used for the qualifier. Also, converters are not allowed.

Tournament Sign-Up Details:
Where: The Aksys Games Booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center
When: Friday, July 15th. Sign-ups will begin at 11:30am PDT and run until 8pm PDT or until the 128-person cap is reached, whichever comes first.
*NOTE: You MUST register in person. We WILL NOT hold a spot for you in advance or take entries beforehand. No exceptions will be made.

Cost: The entry fee will be $10. ALL MONIES will be put into the prize pool.

Pot Bonus and Payout Schedule
In addition to the prize pool created by the $10 entry fee, Aksys Games and Arc System Works are contributing an additional $5000 Pot Bonus. In order to keep things completely transparent, payout will be as follows:

For the main entry-fee funded prize pool:
Money will be paid out on-site in the following percentages to the top 3 finishers:
First Place: 60% of the prize pool.
Second Place: 30% of the prize pool.
Third Place: 10% of the prize pool.

For the $5000 Pot Bonus provided by Aksys Games and Arc System Works, it will be paid out by check after the completion of EVO 2016 in the following amounts:
1st Place: $3000
2nd Place: $1500
3rd Place: $500

In addition, the first place winner will be flown to Japan to compete at the Toushinsai 2016 tournament being held in Tokyo Japan October 16-17. They will also receive full accommodations and transport to and from Narita Airport.

As always, any of the above is subject to change without notice. And if there are any comments, questions, or concerns, either leave a message in the Comment section below or send an email to aksys.nation@aksysgames.com