Aksys Games in conjunction with Arc System Works are proud to announce that they will be joining forces under the same glorious banner to support our fans and bring the greatest air-dasher experience to date to a world championship near you. Everything from previews, playables, free swag, signings, and more can be found at our booth, so don’t be shy, swing on by!

$10,000 Prize Support for BOTH Games

To commemorate the momentous occasion of both BlazBlue Central Fiction and Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 as main tournaments at EVO 2017, Aksys Games and Arc System works will provide additional prize support. Both titles will each receive a generous $10,000 bonus to the prize money.

Aksys Hero

Want to represent North America at the Arc Revolution Cup this year? You’re in luck, Aksys Games will be selecting two (2) Aksys Heroes to lead a team of fighting game players with attitude to the Arc Revolution Cup. Rules and selection details will follow.

Bag Your Tournament Experience

Race over to the booth and receive FREE commemorative bags courtesy of us! Show us proof of your tournament entry in BlazBlue Central Fiction or Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 and receive a commemorative bag! Limit one per person.

Give Me a Sign

Sometimes all you need is a little blessing from up above. You’re in luck, because the higher-ups at Arc System Works, Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori will BOTH be in attendance for exclusive signing sessions at the booth. More details soon!

Brand New Merchandise

You won’t be missing out on official BlazBlue or Guilty Gear merchandise this year! This year we’ll be stocked to the brim with sweet new merchandise made specifically for the event, so leave those hefty import costs at home and come take a lot at what we’ve got!

Never Miss A Beat

Not at EVO this year? Aksys Games and Arc System Works will be bringing you all the action of the booth via livestream! Choose your flavor of broadcast via Japanese or English on Twitch and don’t miss a single beat of the action at our booth!