Side-scrolling adventure Ghost Parade is now available for pre-order! Though the game hasn’t been released yet, you can still familiarize yourself with its spooky cast of characters. Meet some of your supernatural new friends below, and pre-order Ghost Parade now!


Appearance: Small child
Likes: Playing with toys, making new toys, having fun
Dislikes: Losing his toys, being forgetful, not remembering what else he doesn’t like


Appearance: Beautiful woman
Likes: Relaxing in banana trees, observing humans, giggling (it’s not creepy)
Dislikes: Scissors (too scary!), brushing her hair (too much work!), gossip (it’s never true!)


Appearance: Wrapped-up human
Likes: The cemetery, playing with Tuyul, jumping instead of walking
Dislikes: Losing his wrap, teaching people how to do stuff, walking instead of jumping

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