Gabbuchi is chewing its way onto PlayStation®4 and Steam today, but are you ready to help this hungry little block eat to his heart’s content? It’s time to prep those problem-solving skills–this stage-clearing 2D action puzzler is as tricky as it is tasty. Don’t worry, though! We’ve compiled some helpful hints so that you, too, can chomp like a champ:

Don’t Be Afraid of Change!

Some puzzles require some quick, mid-air thinking! Change colors mid-air to halt Gabbuchi’s jump or strategically eat a block.

Stay True to Yourself!

Whether Gabbuchi is a red block or a white block, some things about him never change. Remember that Gabbuchi ALWAYS jumps 2.5 block spaces high–and try to think of ways to utilize that!

Dot Your Eyes!

Not all blocks can be spotted right away. Some blocks are invisible, so always remember: look (for the dotted line) before you leap.

Don’t Overthink It!

Sometimes a puzzle is a lot less complicated than it initially seems. Your first instinct is always a good place to start before you start sweating the strategy.

Try, Try, and Try Again!

Gabbuchi is a very determined little block who loves to eat, and will never give up or get tired. Try each puzzle as many times as you like–he doesn’t mind!

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