Next installment in the Spirit Hunter Series is coming soon!

Next installment in the Spirit Hunter Series is coming soon!

Beware the creeping terror…

Spirit Hunter: NG will launch this October 10th for the PlayStation®4 system, Nintendo Switch™, Steam and PS Vita system digital download. Following on the success of last year’s critically acclaimed horror adventure Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, Spirit Hunter: NG features a new cast of characters as they battle the terrors that lurk in Tokyo's shadows. 
The newly created Spirit Hunter series, which includes Spirit Hunter: Death Mark (Volume I) and Spirit Hunter: NG (Volume II), will showcase uniquely terrifying interactive horror experiences.

Frightening Features 

Creeping Horrors, Familiar Settings
Face down monsters in quiet residential streets, neighborhood parks, and even the protagonist’s own home. Be careful—terror lurks behind every corner!

  Search For Clues

Use a flashlight to examine each location in order to solve the game’s terrifying mystery. Watch out! You may unearth more than you’ve bargained for.

  Judge for Yourself

Spirit Hunter: NG offers an immersive and exciting gameplay experience, in which players must make decisions at key moments in order to survive. Players navigate choices via a “Judge System,” allowing them to respond to each event with a spectrum of reactions.

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This game has been rated "M" by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.
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