1. Women of Agarest: Protecting the World from Spills, Peeping Toms and More! russell @ November 29, 2012

    Coming exclusively to the Aksys Games Web Store – Agarest Signs!  After a long day of fighting monsters, getting massages and more, the women of Agarest enjoy protecting our world from the simple dangers in life.  But these aren’t just ordinary signs; flip them over to reveal some cool artwork!  At Anime Expo 2012, we [...]

  2. Record of Agarest War 2 on PlayStation®Network News Galore! russell @ July 18, 2012

    For all you Agarest fans (or potential fans) out there, we have some great news!  The digital version of Record of Agarest War 2 has been released on PSN!  For those of you who didn’t want to lug around that oh-so-cute “Felenne” inflatable doll, here’s your chance to download the game and still have tons [...]

  3. Record of Agarest War 2 Ships Today! russell @ June 26, 2012

    Record of Agarest War 2 ships today!  In the third installment of this epic series, follow Weiss and his progeny through a legendary journey as they face the forces of darkness!  Check out the official site or buy it now on Amazon or Gamestop!