Otome fans spoke and Aksys Games listened! Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ in 2020!

Standard Edition

Collector’s Edition

Venture into steampunk 19th-century London and follow the adventures of the poison-skinned maiden Cardia, the men trying to help her, and the mysterious organization trying to capture her.

Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is an otome visual novel game developed by Otomate. Find romance and adventure in a reimagined, steampunk version of 19th-century London, populated with well-known literary and historical characters, including Victor Frankenstein, Abraham van Helsing, and even Queen Victoria. The game features five different romance routes, stunning original artwork, and a beautiful score, allowing players to truly immerse themselves in magic and mystery.

Will Cardia find love and happiness, or will she become the victim of forces she doesn’t understand? The choice lies with you.