“But Code:Realize is the antithesis of the more cynical, mass-produced drivel that does exist out there. It doesn’t use the character-driven exchanges of dialogue inherent in the visual novel genre to no discernible advantage. No, it explores and relishes the value of every component the medium affords over traditional books. Atmospheric backgrounds, expressive character portraits, stellar voice over work, meaningful reader decisions – they’re all here and they’re all executed like a dream. Heck, there’s even a dynamic rewind function and an easily accessible glossary to help make sense of the more convoluted terms the story throws at readers. Although this narrative is a very long one indeed, it’s going to be well worth the repeated visits needed to romance Lupin and co.” – DigitalDownloaded.Net


“In media, we don’t often see things from the monster’s point of view. Following Cardia’s exploits almost reminds me of John Gardner’s Grendel, which retold the story of Beowulf from the antagonist’s perspective. She’s a true innocent in possession of an unconscionable power and, while this game is about her finding love in spite of her affliction, it’s also about how someone would survive knowing that they are absolutely a monster and can do nothing about it.” – Michibiku.com


“If you’ve ever bypassed an otome because of the emphasis on romance, Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth would make an ideal entrance into the genre. While there’s a bit of restrained romancing, there are also gripping passages that rival the tension of any top-tier bestsellers as well as a smoldering sense of intrigue as readers follow Cardia and company through a remarkably realized steampunk setting. Even if history considers the Vita as a botched device, knowledgeable gamers will remember the device as a catalyst for great experiences like Realize Guardian of Rebirth.” – Tech-Gaming.com


“Taking literary figures and spinning them into a romantic storyline is an inspired choice that actually works quite well. The characters are interesting and I found myself quickly becoming invested in their situation. Cardia, like the PS Vita in this instance, is a perfect window into this adventure that offers a creative, ambitious storyline that I was happy to have experienced.” – Chalngr.com


“Due to it’s artistic similarities to a JRPG with the combination of literary references, witty humor, and a deep story Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is far from being a typical otome.”


“The voice actors were well selected and suited each character’s unique personality. There were a few times the text didn’t match the voice acting properly, this issue has come up with many of the otome visual novels released this year but it’s been a minor issue.” – otakuaniverse.com


“Even though Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is sold based on the romance aspects, I found the characters mostly compelling even out of that context, and their endings told interesting stories. If you’re wary this might not be a game for you because of the romantic trappings, I’d suggest a second look, as the game’s mysteries and character work stands on their own.” – videogamerrob

“All in all, for $40, Code: Realize is a good read if you enjoyed stories like Hakuoki. However the story does take a long time for it to get interesting. Although Code:Realize claims to have 30+ hours of gameplay, your first run will probably take about 6-10 hours. But I am sure if you did every single path and listened to every line of dialogue in its entirety, you could reach that amount of game time. If you played other Otome and are looking for more, give this one a shot. There is enough good artwork and replay value with the other paths to give you your money’s worth.”
 – operationrainfall.com