Developed by ARC SYSTEM WORKS, creators of the Guilty Gear series and Family Glide Hockey, players of all ages will finally be able to battle their family members in an all or nothing family board game!

Family Pirate Party has players controlling our beloved family through several unique pirate-themed virtual board game. Players will traverse to multiple island spots on the board and plunder their riches and defend their spot against newcomers. Go head-to-head with your buddies in hilariously exciting minigames!

“The “Family” series of games was created to offer simple-yet-fun alternatives to classic games that are appropriate for gamers of all ages,” said Frank “Bo” deWindt II, Project Lead, Aksys Games. “Family Pirate Party is a unique twist on the classic digital party game and promises hours of family friendly fun.”

Key Features:

  • Get In the Fun With The Whole Family!

    Enjoy 1-4 player board game fun, with any cominbation of players or CPU opponents!

  • Maximize Your Bootay!

    Find and collect Help Cards to increase your gold, or use them to give you an advantage!

  • Plunder Ye Island!

    Play through three maps of varying difficulty which include Beginner’s Island, Freezing Winter Land, and Fluffy Cloud Land!

  • Keep The Party Going With Add-On Content!

    Use your Wii Points and download new maps and new costumes pack for the whole family!

This game has been rated Everyone 10 and older.
Mild Cartoon Violence, Suggestive Themes
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