Join Kunio and the gang in River City Soccer Hooligans as they go head to head with the world’s soccer elite to win the World Soccer Championship! Shoot, pass, and attack the competition!

River City Soccer Hooligans Key Features:

  • The world can have only one champion! Join the River City League!

Challenge the world’s best soccer teams! Select your matches from 12 opposing teams from around the world. As Captain Kunio, you can strategize by changing your formations, checking weather forecasts, talking to your teammates, and giving them special items to boost their performance!

  • Can’t become world’s best without practice!

Practice mode allows the player to improve their techniques by customizing the conditions. Select your stage, field, and weather conditions. Two-on-Two play lets the player focus on the striker of their choice. Perform special sets of moves like the Drill Attack, Tornado Kick, Explosive Attack, and Super Head Shot.

  • On a mission to kick butt and take names!

Unlock 50 unique items for your teammates by fulfilling conditions during matches in Normal and Hard mode! Check out your collection and choose which teammate to give items to for stat boosts.

  • Battle against up to 4 players through DS

Play either an Opponent Match (2 vs. 2) or a PK Match (Penalty Kick) with friends or against the CPU.

This game has been rated Teen.
Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes
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