River City’s extracurricular activities just got EXTREME! High schools from far and wide assemble their hooligans to complete against the mysterious Tobioka Conglomerate in the Super Sports Challenge. Brawl your way through the toughest rival schools around and show’em who’s the best!

”River City Super Sports Challenge combines the thrill of athletic competition with the fun of beat-em-up action!” states Frank “Bo” deWindt II, Associate Producer, Aksys Games. “Fans of the Kunio series and newcomers alike won’t be able to put this down, even while working out!”

River City Super Sports Challenge Key Features

  • Fight to the finish!

    Complete in races against the toughest hard-knock schools in River City. Six school teams to choose from, each with six unique teammates wielding crazy fighting moves like Human Bomb, Pizza Shot, and Mach Strike!

  • Test your Skills in Challenge Mode

    Complete missions and develop your martial skills. Collect customization options for your team, such as hairstyles, hair colors, face models, and complexion in Edit Character Mode. Edit your team’s stats by adjusting their stamina, punching, and kicking, and weapon skills.

  • Throw Down!

    Play any of the races in this Free Battle mode! Play against the CPU or up to 4 players through Download Battle. Choose your favorite team, stage, and race order.

This game has been rated Teen.
Alcohol Reference, Cartoon Violence, Language
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