Rockin’ Pretty showcases four hard-rocking instruments (guitar, bass,keyboard, and drums) for the player to master. Using the stylus, tap or strum the screen according to the beats to gain applause and stardom. Use the stars collected in each level to unlock new outfits, hairstyles, and

Rockin’ Pretty Key Features:

  • A Tale of Music and Love…
    A great family story of teenage proportions, will the girls pick love, or their love for music?!
  • To Trade Or Not To Trade…
    Using Nintendo DS™ wireless connectivity, players will be able to trade items, outfits, and instruments they unlock with friends and family!
  • Fame Is All You Need!
    Earn your audience’s love, and watch your girl’s appearance change!
  • On The Road To Stardom!
    Perform your heart out at eight tour events, that range from basic
    open-mic nights to stardom arena venues!
This game has been rated Everyone.
No descriptors.
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