Take part in two tales of twisted love and despair in this spine-tingling horror adventure game from the developers who brought you Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles. Hone your survival skills by carefully exploring the corridors of your captors while uncovering clues that bring you closer to a shocking revelation. Can you escape the maze alive?

  • Items for the Win!

    Collect countless items and combine them in order to survive and uncover the depths of the maze.

  • Two Stories of Twisted Love and Despair!

    What is the true meaning behind theresia?

    • Dear Emile…

      A tale of twisted love between a mother and her daughter. Snatched from the jaws of death by a woman who reeked of blood, Leanne has grow up in a world of torture, war, and death. Now a young woman, she finds herself in a deadly labyrinth with no memories of her past. Can she uncover the truth behind her imprisonment and escape with her life, or will Leanne be doomed to wander the halls of her prison, haunted by the mystery of theresia?

    • Dear Martel…

      When a fever ravaged his orphanage, a brilliant doctor developed a treatment for the disease, hoping to save the children in his care. Though the fever was defeated, from its corpse rose something far more deadly—something far more evil. Will he be able to atone for his mistake, or will his creation spell certain doom for mankind?

This game has been rated Mature.
Blood, Strong Language, Violence
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