Suri is a kind and adventurous young girl with a mysterious connection to the spirit world. She gets lost in the forest after trying to take a shortcut home, and soon encounters its ghostly residents, learning firsthand that the true monsters often aren’t monsters at all.

When Suri was a baby, she became very ill and experienced “Apparent Death” (“Mati Suri” in the Indonesian language). Her soul traveled momentarily to the Spirit Realm, where she became a “Role Model” (“Suri Teladan” in the Indonesian language). This is how she got her name!

Special Event / Ability

Though Suri receives help from her ghost friends, she is extremely capable on her own as well! Suri swings her lantern in a fierce melee attack, causing harm to foes that stand in her way as she continues through the woods.


Suri meets this peculiar lady not far from the forest gate. She gifts Suri with a lantern… and then suddenly vanishes. In spite of this, Suri must continue on if she ever hopes to make it home. She has many identical sisters. These spirits are known for their ability to time travel and see the future.

Special Event / Ability

The lantern this spirit provides is very helpful to Suri in her journey. The warmth and brightness of the lantern keep her feeling positive, as well as lighting her way.


Not far into the forest, Suri meets a strange little boy who is playing alone. It looks fun! Suri and Tuyul become fast friends and ideal partners in crime.

Special Event / Ability

Suri teams up with Tuyul with a bowling attack. Tuyul is part of the main story and appears more often than any ghosts.

Mr. Poci

Suri has fallen into a hole! But somehow, she lands on something puffy, keeping her safe and sound. Mr. Poci saves the day!

Special Event / Ability

Mr. Poci can use his special ability to absorb any damage. Anything protected by his bubble stays safe from harm. But be careful–if an enemy breaks through, they’ll get a counter attack!

Miss Kunti

The Spider Queen Jaga Kemangga is furious, and that means Suri in danger! But suddenly, a beautiful song saves her from the angry spider queen. Where is it coming from?

Special Event / Ability

Miss Kunti emits a screeching sound that stuns enemies nearby.

Buto Ijo

Suri talks to Buto Ijo, a green giant that seems worried and afraid. His friend, Badak, was caught by a hunter, and Suri decides to help him save his friend.

Special Event / Ability

When Buto Ijo smashes his club to the ground it releases powerful force that damaging the enemies in front of him.