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Hardboiled Interactive Mystery Returns to the Nintendo 3DS™

In Ghost of the Dusk, a homeless man’s accidental death draws hard-nosed detective Jake Hunter into the shadow of a mysterious mansion—but all is not as it appears at the seemingly innocuous crime scene, and Jake can’t shake the hunch that something is amiss. With the help of an old friend, Jake works to get to the bottom of the crime and uncover the culprit’s true identity. But when the mansion’s owner comes to Jake with a new proposal, things take a turn for the bizarre as dark secrets are forced from the shadows. Now, it’s up to Jake to track down the source of the madness.

New Cases, New Faces

After a long hiatus, Jake Hunter is back on the beat and tasked with solving all-new cases with a cast of original characters and the return of some familiar friends.

Investigative Instincts

To solve these mysteries, you’ll need to use all of your master detective skills: question suspects, search crime scenes, and zero in on inconsistencies to discover the truth.

Hardboiled Action

Dive into a gritty world populated by shady characters, dubious allies, and more than a hint of the supernatural. You’ll need to harness all of your focus and skills to separate fact from fiction.

And the Password Is…

Discover passwords hidden throughout the game’s world to unlock side stories, bonus features, and more!