An Interview with the Characters

First, please introduce yourself.

J: I’m Jake Hunter.

Y: I’m Yulia Marks.

S: Oh come on now, you can do better than that! There’s more to you, right? Your line of work, age, what you’re good at…

Y: I see… Would you mind showing me how it’s done, Mr. Kingsley?

S: Hm, I’m Scott Kingsley, 56 years old. I’m a detective who works at the Aspicio police station. I have thirty years of experience under my belt. I have to say I’m pretty good at my job.

J: A grizzled veteran, one would say.

Y: Yes, very reliable.

S: Hohoho, thank you, but flattery will get you nowhere. It’s your turn now.

J: Fine. I’m Jake Hunter, 32 years old. I run a detective agency in Aspicio. I’m good at… Well, I used to box before, so I’m decent at hand-to-hand combat.

Y: You really are quite strong.

S: Yes, you’ve literally punched your way through a case a couple times.

J:…That’s exaggerating a bit. It’s as if you’re saying I solve things with brute force…

Y: Hehe, it’s your brilliant deduction skill that put you in a position to solve the case with punches, sir. I guess it’s my turn now. I’m Yulia Marks, 26 years old. I’m an assistant to Mr. Hunter. I’m skilled at… maybe languages? I’ve mastered 6 languages.

J: Yulia makes excellent coffee, too. It’s the best part of getting up.

Y: Oh, thank you very much. Would you like some, too?

Please! …Wow, it’s really good! Moving on then, please tell me how the three of you are connected.

J: Yulia works for me, so we’re employer and employee. King is my friend.

Y: Huh? You want more details…? How we met? Let’s see… it’s kind of hard to explain in a few words. Maybe if we meet again, we’ll have time to better fill you in.

S: I’ve known Hunter for a while now, and I think the first case Yulia joined us would be that murder we solved that happened in Aspicio’s central park. We’ve solved many cases together since then… You two have really been a great help to me, and to the citizens of Aspicio.

Next question, out of all the cases you’ve been involved in, is there one that stands out the most?

J: Which case, huh… If I had to pick a recent one, I’d say the one about the mother and son who ran a dive bar in Tripudio. That was really a tragedy…

Y: The case surrounding the novel, “Legend of the Demon Princess” would be mine. On that case, Mr. Hunter…

S: Oh? What happened to him?

J: *cough*… What about you, King?

S: Mine would be the one about that girl Karen who was at your office the other day. I think that case was tied to another one you had 8 years ago…

J: Yeah, that one definitely sticks with me, too… Oh yeah, the case with that antique shop, “Four Seasons”. That was also something.

S: I think the owners know Sam from forensics too right? Sam did a good job on that case.

Y: Hehe, thinking back, every case had its own unique moments.

J: Yeah, there isn’t one that really stands out the most.

By the way, I think Ms. Yulia’s looking a lot different nowadays, did you change your look a bit?

Y: Well, I’m trying to wear more red to give myself a bit more color. I went with a white shirt and a beige skirt so I wasn’t too flashy for business… And I went with a bit of gold on my chest for an accent.

J: Come to think of it, you’ve also cut your hair short.

Y: Yes, I haven’t worn it like this in a while.

S: Just by cutting your hair, you made yourself look like a completely different person.

Y: Hehe, well, I also changed my makeup and clothes to match my overall style, so maybe it’s just a lot of little things put together.

Well, can you all tell us a bit more about yourself. What some things you enjoy?

J: Alcohol and tobacco.

Y: I’m worried about your health. You should cut back on those, you know…

J: I don’t think I drink or smoke that much… but point taken.

Y: Good to hear it, sir. As for me… I have quite a few actually, but I guess I like to have good tea. Watching dramas on TV and drinking tea is my favorite pastime.

S: That’s quite nice. I personally have a soft spot for eating at stand-up-dining soba shops and steak joints. There’s a stand-up steak place around here, it’s so convenient. I can get a quick, filling meal when I’m working late. And it tastes extra good when it’s cold out.

J: Sounds like something an extremely busy man would say.

Is there a final message you’d like to give the readers?

J: I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone on this case. The main case this time around involves a haunted house… Go and dive into the mystery of the place. Don’t get too scared when you encounter the ghost. Oh, and one piece of advice, this case is pretty intense. It pushed my skills to the limits, so I hope that it’ll test you just as much.