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Making Progress

Players will play as the protagonist, Ichika Hoshino (default name) and proceed through the story. Depending on your decisions, Trust Levels and Affection Levels will change, which will affect the ending.


Before you begin the game, you can change the protagonist’s first name. Her last name cannot be changed, though.

(Note: If you keep the default name, other characters will refer to the protagonist by her name in voice.)

Quick Save/Quick Load

Quick Save
While playing, flicking upward on the screen, or pressing the “L” Button will allow you to temporarily save the game. Quick Save data gets overwritten.

Quick Load
While playing, flicking downward on the screen, or pressing the “R” Button will allow you to load Quick Save data. This load method does not work if there is no Quick Save data.


Sentences that have been seen once are saved to the message log. Flicking to the right of the screen or using the left stick, will display the message log and you can navigate by pressing the up and down directional buttons. Pressing the “Square” Button will allow you to return to that scene.

(Note: There are display limits to the message log so messages will eventually be deleted.)

Types of choices

As you progress through the game, you’ll be confronted with many decisions.

Crime-Solving Choices
Magenta colored choices are related to uncovering the truth behind the mystery. How the story unfolds will change depending on whether your choices are correct.

Trust Level Choices
Blue colored choices will alter the other person’s trust level depending on the response chosen. As the story progresses, these will become Affection Level choices.

Affection Level Choices
Pink colored choices will alter the other person’s affection level depending on the response that was chosen.

Text & Call

During the story, the scene may transition to the Call or Text screen. Choices may appear at times, and the outcome of the story may change depending on your response.


A red scope and a ring will appear on the screen. The ring will get smaller, and if you press the “X” Button when the ring matches the scope’s size, a bullet will be shot that hits its target.

(Note: How fast the ring gets smaller may differ depending on the scene.)

Term Explanation

Certain terms will be displayed in red during the game. You can check these terms immediately by pressing the down directional button. Terms seen will be saved to the Dictionary.

Investigation System

During the story, you can investigate the crime scene or investigate suspicious locations. You can discover information by pressing the “X” Button at these spots.

Shinjuku Police Station Map

You can move around the floors in the Police Station. Where you can move to gets limited depending on the scene.