Mind Zero Dev Diary #4 Available Now!

Don’t Enter the Inner Realm Alone!

The Inner Realm is a dangerous place to find oneself, what with all of the supernatural beings trying to consume the souls of all unwary humans! Thanks to a great group of companions and their powerful MINDs, Kei might just survive the otherworldly predicament he finds himself in. In this latest Mind Zero developer diary, producer Takayuki Harakami and director Keiichi Kawakami elaborate on the characters that Kei will have to rely on, but can they really overcome the perilous Inner Realm?

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Open Your Mind to Another World

The doors to the Inner Realm have opened! Take control of your MIND, and delve deep into the dungeons below!

Mind Zero is now available for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system!

Watch our developer diary #3 to better understand the relationship that humans have with the otherworldly beings known as MINDs!

A Revelatory, Mind-Blowing Second Developer Diary for Mind Zero!

In this second developer diary by the director, Keiichi Kawakami, Aksys Games delves even deeper into the hauntingly atmospheric world of Mind Zero, an immensely satisfying dungeon-crawler for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system. With rumors of strange, violent occurrences potentially involving doors to other worlds, Kei and his friends may soon find themselves entrenched in a series of events they won’t soon forget!