In the world of Spirit Hunter: NG, nothing is quite as it seems. Places you thought were safe are full of hidden dangers. People you thought couldn’t be trusted may be the only ones who can help you. And the heroes of your stories may be the very creatures hunting you down.

The first spirit you encounter in Spirit Hunter: NG is the Urashima Woman, a terrifying apparition that haunts Urashima Lake by the Yamato Shrine. She wanders the park at night, searching… for something. Just one thing is for certain: you don’t want her to find you.

Find out more about the inspiration behind the terror:

The Urashima Woman

The Urashima Woman is based on the legend of Urashima Tarō. As the story goes, Urashima, a fisherman, noticed a group of children torturing a turtle. He saved the poor creature and released it back into the sea. The next day, he was visited by another turtle–but this one was enormous. The turtle told him that the small turtle was actually Otohime, the daughter of Ryūjin, the Emperor of the Sea. Ryūjin wished to give Urashima a reward for his kindness, so the fisherman was brought to the bottom of the sea, where he met the emperor and the princess.

He stayed in the palace for three days, but knew he must go home–he needed to visit his aging mother. The princess, saddened to see him go, gave him a mysterious box and instructed him never to open it. When he was brought back to the surface, he discovered that his home, his mother, and everyone he knew was gone. Though he was in the Sea God’s palace for just three days, 300 years passed in the human world. Stricken by grief, he opened the box, and was instantly transformed into a white-haired old man. The box, he discovered, contained his old age.

Though the legend of Urashima Tarō has a tragic ending, Spirit Hunter: NG’s Urashima Woman turned her own tragedy to rage, manifesting as a malevolent spirit determined to enact her revenge on the living. Will you survive your encounter with her? Or will you discover that your life has turned turtle?

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