Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II

Return to H City!

The latest installment to the Spirit Hunter Series – Death Mark II – finds Kazuo Yashiki back in H City to investigate supernatural occurrences at Konoehara Academy. Posing as a teacher, you will search the school and surrounding area for any clues to the mysterious disappearances of the students.

As in previous games in the series, the developers have drawn on Japanese myths and folklore to create an immersive and nuanced tale of terror. Some old faces return to aid Yashiki in his quest, and a 2D side-scrolling mode offers a new way to explore locations.

Be ready, for when a spirit does attack, crucial mistakes mean certain death.

Game Info

System: Nintendo Switch™

Players: 1

Genre: Adventure Horror

Rating: Mature

Developer: Experience

Publisher: Aksys Games

Release Date: February 15th, 2024